Celilabad (Jalilabad / Dzhalilabad)
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Celilabad / Jalilabad / Dzhalilabad - Azerbaijan - location mapCelilabad is located near the Iranian border and Head of the 'rayon' of the same name. THe town is built mostly on a hill side.

The centre dominated by several Soviet period official buildings in the western side, around a pleasant park. On the southern part there is a small museum, located near the local funfair, in case you get bored!

There are no great sights, but the town still has some nice old Russian houses (badly needing repairs) and an odd pear shaped building.

Road Map of AzerbaijanThe traffic on the road from Bilesuvar to Astara keeps the town active. There is an hotel in the centre and a motel near the museum, both unappealing although the motel has a rather original decoration.

(180 km south-west of Baku)
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