Masalli (Masally)
Masalli - Azerbaijan - location mapMasalli is a reasonably prosperous agricultural town which also has some light industry, capital of the Rayon of the same name. It was once part of the Talish-i Gushtasbi region of Persia. 

The town's centre is built near the river, with some modest buildings and a nice Palace of Culture. The Palace of Culture wih a statue of the poet Nizami illustrates well the Azeri architecture of the Soviet period. There are no important sights, except maybe the tea tower. The modest soccer field is home to F.C. Vilash.

Azerbaijan - Masalli: Shalala waterfall  on the road to Yardimli (photo by F.MacLachlan / you leave Masalli towards the west there are dense woods and also a small lake, a favourite spot for picnics. West of Masalli you find a spa area (Masalli Istisu), providing hot mineral baths for a variety of illnesses or simply for your pleasure. The place is rather scenic with a small hot waterfall and a miniature suspension bridge. Another waterfall can be found at Shalala on the road to Yardimli.

Azerbaijan - Masalli: lake from Golustu Aila parki (photo by F.MacLachlan / located on the main road leading south to Lenkoran and Iran, Masali is always busy and commerce is abundant. 

In the town there is a very basic hotel, but outside Masalli, on the road going west to Yardimli, there is a good hotel, the Dashtvend. Further down the road, near Masalli Istisu there are also turbazas with some decent huts.

Azerbaijan - Masalli istisu: where the mineral water comes up - hot springs (photo by F.MacLachlan / km south of Baku)

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