Narimanabad (Sara)
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Narimanabad / Sara - Azerbaijan - location mapNarimanabad, formerly known as Sara, has for the last few decades been slowly sinking into the Caspian. The town is named after the communist revolutionary and statesman Nariman Narimanov, whose bust you can find in the centre.

The local economy is based on fishing - you may be able to get some good quality raw caviar, both legal and and clandestine. Beluga is rather rare - most production of Beluga is exported.

Azerbaijan - Narimanabad: calm waters of the Caspian sea, with Talysh mountains in background (photo by A.Kilroy)Most caviar you find is Osetra and Sevruga. The town is connected by a causeway to the neighbouring town of Port Ilich.

The town itself has no significant attractions, maybe with the exception of the huge Soviet WWII memorial, if you like the genre. Nature compensates for this with excellent views of the Talysh mountains and beautiful areas by the Caspian sea, often used by aquatic birds.

(170 km south of Baku)
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