Göytepe (Priship / Prishib)
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Göytepe - Azerbaijan - location mapFormerly known as Priship, this small town is located on the southern part of Celilabad / Jalilabad rayon, on the road leading south to Masalli, Astara and the Iranian border.

Göytepe used to house a Soviet garrison but now both military and civilian Russians are gone. The main attraction are the numerous old Russian houses, built in wood in the northern style. There is also an Orthodox church, which lies semi-abandoned as there is no longer a Christian community.

Road Map of AzerbaijanThe town is crossed by a small river that continues to the marshes. You can relax in a nice chaikhana near the bridge, but beware of the mosquitoes.

Göytepe has a small privately owned hotel, with friendly staff and decent accommodation and amenities (near the river).

(190 km south-west of Baku)
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