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Baku had its first permanent internet link only in 1995, through the Academy of Sciences. Dial-up access has been available since 1991. The main problem restricting internet expansion is the poor condition of the telephone network. Most lines are analogue with few digital lines. There's also an acute shortage of telephone lines for residential use, and inadequate connections to many rural locations. The government owned phone company is doing some improvements, mainly in the Baku area. ADSL access arrived later that in Europe, with the service made widely availe in 2007. Internet access prices are also a problem, but these are falling sharply. However further reductions may be hampered by the steep prices for satellite connections due to a monopoly held by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Communications.

Internet censorship is a problem, as revealed by research developed by the OpenNet Initiative (ONI), made up of groups at Cambridge University, Harvard Law School, Oxford University and the University of Toronto - ONI found evindence that the Azebaijani governent blocks or filters internet content.

Azeri Internet Service providers:
  • ADaNet
  • Azerin
  • Azeurotel
  • Azinternet Services
  • Intrans
  • Sinam-Invest JV
  • Public Access / "Internet Cafes":

    Internet cafes in Azerbaijan are called "internet klubs" and they are found throughout Baku. Some coffee houses provide wireless internet
    Computer System
    Azadlig prospekti 24
    Baku, 370010
    Tel: 937 826
    Fax: 981 036
    Price/hour: 30.000 Manat ~ 7 Euro

    Global Network Communication
    11 R. Akhundov
    Tel: 400135
    Price/hour: 1.2 Euro

    Net City Internet Club
    104 Shamsi Bedelbeyli st.(near the Oil Academy)
    Tel: 939994
    Price/hour: 6.000 Manat ~ 1.4 Euro

    5 U. Gadjibekov st.
    Tel: 936949
    Fax: 931034
    Price/hour: 1.1 Euro


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    ".AZ" Domain Registration:

    Should you wish to register a site under the '.az' domain contact Intra Network Systems (Intrans), 82/2 M. Guseyn, Baku, 370000, Azerbaijan, phone: +994 12 980 522, fax: +994 12 989 968

    Internet users: 678,800 (2006)
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