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Azerbaijan - Baku: the TV tower - televison  tower - photo by Miguel TorresTelevision:
As an important part of the Soviet information machine, TV broadcasts started in Baku in 1956.  Today about fifty radio and television companies are registered with the government,  but only eight are currently operating. State television reaches the whole country, broadcasting on two channels, Az/TV - 1, and Az/TV - 2. Channel 1 devotes large segments of its newscasts to coverage of the Presidents activities. Az/TV - 2 concentrates more on entertainment. State TV is a direct continuation of the Soviet Azeri language channel.

Several nominaly independent companies are in operation.
- Azad Azerbaijan
- Azadliq TV
-  Ictimai TV
- Lider TV
- Oyanish TV
- Space TV Azerbaijan.

Foreign television: ORT and RTR (Russian);  two Turkish channels (TRT/1 and private  Turkish channel).


Azerbaijan - Baku: radio tower and TV tower (photo by M.Torres)Radio frequencies in Baku:

FM Radio

  • 88.0  -   Araz-1 State Radio
  • 90.0  -   Araz-2 State Radio
  • 101.0  -   Radio Antenn
  • 102.0  -   ANS Radio
  • 102.7  -   Radio Odlar Yurdu
  • 103.0  -   Radio Rossii
  • 103.3  -   BBC World Service
  • 104.0  -   Space Radio
  • 105.0  -   RFI 1/2 / RFI Musique
  • 106.0  -   Radio Azad 106
  • 107.0  -   Lider 107FM
  • 107.7  -   Europa Plus Azerbaijan



    AM Radio

  • 801  150kW   Araz-1 State Radio  - Pirsaat AZ
  • 801  15kW   BBC World Service
  • 891  30kW   Araz-1 State Radio
  • 1296  125kW   Araz Radio foreign service  - Pirsaat AZ
  • 1476  150kW   Araz-2 State Radio - Pirsaat AZ
  • 1530  7kW   Radio Liberty (Azadlig Radio)



    Azeri newspapers - logosNewspapers
    Press freedom is not one of the government's priorities. Reporters without Borders ranks the country 162nd of 179 when it comes to press freedoms. Newspapers have been published in Azerbaijan since 1875 (the first Azeri newspaper was calle Akinshi - The Plowman). Today about 400 newspapers are registered  throughout the country, but less than 50 appear more or less regularly. Regional newspapers are weak, and most popular newspapers are published in Baku, among them:

    English language newspapers do not abound. You may try the Baku Sun.


    News Agencies

    AzadInform News Agency (Russian/Azero/English)
    1, Fikret Amirov Street
    Tel: 98-48-59/69

    Media Press Agency (Rus/Eng)
    191/28 Bashir Safaroglu Street, Ichari Shahar
    Tel/Fax: 94-03-67

    Turan News Agency
    (Turan Haber Ajansi)
    33 Khagani Street
    Tel: 98-42-26
    Fax: 98-38-17
    Latest Online News from Azerbaijan

    azeri newspapers - logos

    Note on the Azeri press freedom: Censorship is constitutionally outlawed. But there is a government agency, the "Main Administration for the Protection of State Secrets in the Press," to which editors must submit their issues prior to publication. Even so, the censorship is relatively lax, largely because the censors appear overwhelmed by the number of newspapers and periodicals being published. Many journalists have been arrested and several remain in jail.
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